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I Wayan Sudiarsana’s recent appointment to Assistant Director of Kitchens at one of Bali’s most popular food destinations is a testament to years of hard work, willingness to learn and a passion for fine cuisine. Born in Sumatra from Balinese heritage, Wayan’s first foray in front of the burners was at a Lebanese restaurant following completion of his culinary studies at Mapindo.

Keen to build on his love for traditional Indonesian cooking techniques and expand his repertoire in the kitchen, Wayan soon secured a position at famed Ubud foodie favourite, Mozaic in 2002. Like many aspiring chefs, his culinary journey grew from modest beginnings as cook’s helper but with a burning desire to learn along with tutelage from internationally acclaimed owner and head chef, Chris Salans, he had worked his way to Sous Chef at what was to become one of the best restaurants in Bali by the time he moved on in 2010.

During his tenure at Mozaic, Wayan represented the restaurant in numerous cooking and catering classes; his endeavours taking him to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta where he was keen to showcase these newfound skills.

A somewhat itinerant profession, most chefs would agree eight years is a considerable commitment to the one establishment and with newly acquired culinary clout, Sudiarsana secured the Head Chef’s position for fine dining at Nusa Dua’s exclusive Chedi Sakala Resort in 2011 followed by a return to Ubud as executive chef at the Ubud Village Hotel in 2014.

Excited to have been part of the Finns family since 2016, Wayan is proud to be creating international standard cuisine from the best of Bali’s produce. His knack for marrying French cooking methods with South East Asian flavours is something for diners to savour as he showcases his skills on the tables at St Tropez – a restaurant that’s fast forging a reputation as one of the best places to eat in Berawa!

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